Title 1

Ten wishes.

For our own legal Santa.
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Easy trademark.

Register a trademark without all the hassle.


Easy reading.

Make the law transparent and easy to read.


Easy 'faxing'.

Because, really? #nomorefax


Easy Social.

More trust for your personal data.


Easy 3D-printing.

Innovating without legal boredom.


Easy Disruptor.

Because the Uber's deserve more recognition.


Easy roaming.

Because roaming fees are very 1999.


Easy copyright

Because copyright shouldn't last 70 years after death.


Easy fees.

Because, you're already paying us enough.



We have 9 wishes. You must have one too.

About theJurists Europe.

We’re global. We’re local. We’re legal. And we have 10 legal wishes to transform and further disrupt the antique legal market. theJurists Europe is an European legal boutique firm, with it's headquarter in Brussels (Belgium). Our European network currently consists of the following local offices: Ghent (deJuristen Gent), Brussels (lesJuristes Bruxelles), Amsterdam (deJuristen Amsterdam) and Paris (lesJuristes Paris). Berlin (dieJuriste) and Budapest (theJurists Magyarország) are set to open in Q1 2016. We strongly believe in a new legal business model, in an international environment and up-to-date firm ideology, without local or national borders. Law should be approachable, easy to understand and relevant for any entrepreneur. That's our mission.

Our legal wishes

To our clients, friends and fans. We had a crazy year. Opening shop in Amsterdam and Paris, growing quickly in Ghent and Brussels. Our mission is simple as always: make legal relevant and understandable for anyone. We wish you the best of the best for 2016. A big thanks to you all for supporting our vision.

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